Grass-Fed | All Natural | Handmade

Superior Beef: 100% grass-fed & pasture-raised, free from added hormones or antibiotics

Natural Ingredients: No corn syrup, nitrites, MSG, or artificial additives - just pure, honest flavors

Artisanal Crafting: We toast and grind our own spices, and hand-trim each slice of beef to ensure only lean protein in every bite

ZAGAT Loves Jerky!
February 20, 2013

The ZAGAT blog just posted their profile of Kings County Jerky plus a round-up of Brooklyn's finest food crafters! Check it…

Kings County Jerky rated "BEST!"
August 29, 2012

Premier jerky review site just gave our CLASSIC jerky their highly coveted "BEST" rating! Reviewer Steve Johnson writes one seriously in-depth review - worth a read just to see how detailed he gets!


Kings County Jerky in NY Times
February 17, 2012

NYT/NPR reporter Adam Davidson profiled us for a column about the craft business economy in the Sunday Time Magazine. You can read it here, and listen to the related Planet Money podcast here.